Ode to Elma is a lighting design studio, established in 2015. With sustainability at the heart of our design philosophy, we aim to challenge people’s preconceptions about repurposing materials, by demonstrating that you can turn ordinary, everyday items into beautiful, functional, quality designs.

Using 100% recycled paper to create designs that have a truly unique look and organic feel, the result is a lighting range that is not only mindful of the environment but also beautiful and functional.

Taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and experimenting with colour, texture and form, every piece from the vibrant and distinctive Ode to Elma range is individually handcrafted by Melbourne designer Kerrie Mould.

“I want to design quality products that are both functional and stylish, but also mindful of the environment.”

Designed and handcrafted in Melbourne. Ode to Elma has been involved in a number of collaborations:






A fantastic collaboration with surface and textile designer, Emily Wills, from Surface 1°22 resulted in a collection of contemporary and colourful pendant lights and framed wall textiles in peony, sherbet and dusk blue.



The luminaire collaboration with lighting showroom and consultants, Lights Lights Lights, brought to life a new colour palette consisting of soft hues – light grey, blush and cornflour, and a trio of metallic, rounded out with monochromatics – exclusive to the showroom.



Kerrie’s work with Ode to Elma has also been featured in Adele Locke from Mint Lighting’s new book AUTHENTIC LIGHT Designed & Made In Melbourne; capturing the “amazing variety and quality of lighting, designed and made right here in Melbourne.”