Ode to Elma is a lighting design studio specialising in sustainable lighting. Driven by a strong environmental philosophy, recycled materials are the primary ingredient used in the creation process. Established in 2015 by Melbourne based designer Kerrie Mould, Ode to Elma grew from the desire to design quality products that were functional and stylish and mindful of the environment.

Rather than create more products to add to the already growing environmental problem, I wanted to do my part and create “new” products out of already existing material. 

Hence Ode to Elma was born. Inspired by the beauty and wonder of the natural world, the result is a lighting range that has a very organic feel and is truly unique.



Surface 1°22

Ode to Elma recently collaborated with surface and textile designer Surface 1°22 to bring you a collection of contemporary interior products.



Lights Lights Lights

Ode to Elma collaborated with lighting showroom and consultants Lights Lights Lights to bring you an exciting new colour palette.